Recently, a post went viral from a guy who said that women should do everything, from filling out a man’s job application, to planning things to keep him off the street, to motivating him so he could keep his head on straight.

There was also another viral post from a guy upset because a third woman was terminating her pregnancy with him. It turns out that he was living in his car. These viral posts have sparked multiple stories of women coming across men who expect women to take care of them, men who seek out relationships so that women can do everything for them.  These men have become known as ”hobosexuals.”

Sadly, however, hobosexuals are not uncommon. Lots of men in the dating world actually believe that a “good woman” would and should take care of them. It’s bad enough that women have been burdened with carrying the majority of the emotional labor in relationships. But, there is now a new subset of men. These men want and expect women to be their parents and let them live off them.


Dear Hobosexuals:

Women do not want or need you. If you are a man who is looking for a woman to financially support you, provide you with a home, and keep tabs on you, you should just go back home to your mom. (Although your mom shouldn’t be taking care of you either…). To have the audacity to believe that women should be responsible for your basic needs is insane.

If you are not able to care for yourself, you should not be dating…period!

There is even more to this foolishness. Many of these very hobosexuals actually believe they should also be the head of the household. Yes, the guys who have no money, no home, no car, with no means whatsoever to take care of themselves, think that they should also be in charge. It would be laughable if it wasn’t true.

For those women out in the dating world who may be, for whatever reason, and for however it may have happened, dealing with a hobosexual, I know it can be disheartening. You may be thinking that these are the only types of men available. However, that is not true. While not uncommon, hobosexuals are still definitely a minority. So, don’t be discouraged. Just send him back where he came from. Let him know that you only date men who are capable of taking care of themselves.


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